Company Accounts: An Easier Way to Recruit as a Team

07-24-13 by Bethany Marzewski. 0 comments

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed some changed to the “my account” tab when logged in on the employer side of Careers 2.0. These changes allow you to create company accounts to manage all of your recruitment activities in one place.

Up until now, any user has been able to create an employer account, post jobs, and use the candidate search on behalf of their company. This works great if your company only has one recruiter, but it’s impossible to recruit as a team when everyone has separate access to Careers 2.0. Company accounts make it easier for entire teams to collaborate. You can decide who receives the applications for a particular job listing and who reaches out to candidates when sending messages via the database.

Each company account supports two types of users: admins and members. As an admin, you can view all of the products that your company has purchased, manage multiple users, and transfer ownership among different members of your team.

As a member, you may be assigned to manage certain products, such as job listings or candidate search subscriptions. In the case of job listings, you’ll be able to edit the listing and manage applicants. For a candidate search subscription, you can view, save, and message candidates from your own account. You may also be assigned as the owner and editor of your company page.

To sign up as the admin user for your company account, log in to Careers 2.0, click on the “my account” tab, and then click, “manage users.” You can create the company account, associate other members, and manage ownership of each product.

You’ll also be prompted to set up a company account if you change the owner of a product you currently own. Since each user profile becomes associated with that company account, a user can only be a member of one company at a time.

Over the next few months, you’ll see even more updates to this feature, including shared editing of job listings and company pages, in-depth reporting of products you own, aggregate reports of how your company is performing, and admin reports on how individual user performance within your company account. We’ll continue to keep you posted about the best way to use your company account so you can streamline how your recruiting team communicates on Careers 2.0.

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